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As York's preferred consumer electronics repair service, we have been welcoming customers to our shop for nearly 25 years. Effective 2022, We are now providing services only for insurance, medical and industrial claims/jobs.  We enjoyed providing you with unbeatable value on high quality repairs in past years, but with changes in retail, the slowdown due to the pandemic, etc. we had to change our business model.  With thousands of repairs performed, we have saved millions of dollars for our customers and we thank you for the many years of trust.


Our insurance customers can depend on our qualified technicians for reliable customer service. We look forward to serving you!


Our highly trained, knowledgeable staff will provide you with expert repairs and great value.  Ask our advice and guidance on the latest technologies on the market. With our wide range of services and multiple locations, Dial Electronics will always provide quality service and repairs of your equipment, if it was affected by lightning, fire, smoke or water damages.

Electronics Repair

We perform component level repairs on a wide array of consumer and commercial equipment. We are a one stop electronics shop

Computer Services

We work with Windows, Macintosh & Linux



Insurance Services

Effectively reversing the destructive effects of Fire, Water, Smoke, Lightning, Soot, Impact, Surge and other perils, we service residential, commercial and insurance claim electronics.



You paid good money for it......get the most out of it!
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